Pharmersea is a 25-acre sea farm located in Goleta, California. PharmerSea is an aquaculture facility where we harvest the seaweed used to formulate Ama SeaBeauty longevity cellular products. Pharmersea collaborates with research facilities and educational establishments to facilitate rich learning opportunities. A global Aquaculture industry is on the rise and PharmerSea hopes to be a part of raising many new future farmers of the sea.

Ama SeaBeauty can fuel a sea health resolution.

When you purchase Ama SeaBeauty you have an opportunity to support a brand that puts the planet first. Ama SeaBeauty is made from the sea with its proceeds returns to the sea. Buying Ama SeaBeauty invites us all to be stewards of the sea and leave our planet far better than we found it.  

Ama Sea Beauty and PharmerSea begin a cycle of giving from people to planet. We can all participate in a Blue-Green economy by investing in brands that create GOOD.. 

PharmerSea lives by responsible farming practices that restore our coastline and rebuild habitats that allow nature to thrive. PharmerSea and Ama SeaBeauty give us all an opportunity to participte in a new Blue-Green economy.

PharmerSea is a west coast representative of GreenWave. PharmerSea brings modern concepts to ancient seafarming, as well as foraging methods and wild crafting to maintain the diverse ecosystem of the farm. We believe in the power of products; the AM line of brands that includes Ama SeaBeauty, Pharmersea and Thalasso therapy all know that sea has far more to offer than we can ever imagine. 


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