Tell beauty kelp is on the way.

Ama SeaBeauty is an American Thalasso therapy brand formulated with hand-harvested California sea vegetables. Ama SeaBeauty was developed as part of a home crafted Thalasso therapy practice. 

Ama SeaBeauty indulges skin with marine nutrients that nourish and detoxify the dermal layers. Ama SeaBeauty offers beauty a new way to address skin care and youth maintenance. A proper diet direct from the sea clears anti-aging pathways so skin can get back to being young again. Cellular activity, cell propagation, collagen stimulation and DNA repair can be supported with the Ama SeaBeauty line of longevity products. 

Are you ready to Sea the Difference?

Ama SeaBeauty feeds skin and stimulates cellular activity to reveal a new way to maintain dermal function and prevent the corrosion and decay that is normally associated with growing old. Ama SeaBeauty was developed to be used on areas of the body that are regularly exposed to external toxins and environmental stressors. 

Ama SeaBeauty is a simple solution that offers dermal function a nutritional solution that helps gets skin back to work.

It's time for a Longevity Revolution!