Thalasso Therapy with Antoinette

Does longevity, skin fitness and a new aging model interest you? If so you can work one-on-one with me and my products. Engage in the first natural longevity program designed to maintain youth and preserve beauty.

Thalasso therapy sessions include: a fresh seaweed bath, fresh collected seawater bath, hand harvested sea mud bodymask, pearl body wrap, alginate body pack, miso soup and education on healthy aging. Set yourself off on a journey of self-preservation and beg your own Longevity Revolution. Let me help you turn back the tides of time, so you can experience a personal youth awakening.

You will go home with a 6 week Ama SeaBeauty self-preservation system.

3 hour longevity session                             $500.00

6 week to a Sea Transformation             $2,500.00

Professional consultations                       inquire 

Training                                                         inquire

Products that are used during treatments are hand collected and fresh formulated on the day of the appointment. Seawater is collected from a seawater purification system. For this reason all appointments must be pre-booked 2-5 days in advance. LImited appointments are offered monthly. 

If you have recently been diagnosed with cancer or are currently undergoing chemotherapy, please feel free to contact me for a discount on my services.