The Longevity Revolution - My Beauty War

Welcome to my first blog post for my new beauty brand that is about to launch in just a few weeks.

I am Antoinette M Marquez a certified American Thalasso Therapist, writer, beauty product formulator and sea pharmer. I have spent the better part of the last four years developing a home grown marine based beauty system, formulating longevity products and educating others on the miracles of Thalasso Therapies anti-aging and longevity system.

As I saw midlife making a beeline to my front door I started to realized, if I sat


back and did nothing, my beauty and youth just might slip away. As a result I decided to throw beauty a little kelp. As a result my Thalasso Therapy — a Longevity Revolution book publishes next month and my Sea tea bathing product line will be for sale in September.

I grew up in a an era where fitness, nutrition and well-being were the buzzwords of the time. After all my years of working out, eating right and organizing my life in a way so I could easily maintain my fitness to support my well-being, longevity now seems to be my biggest concern. I have been a fitness instructor for the duration of my life the words anti-aging, longevity and youth maintenance were never gym-speak. As “age” became a reality to me I found it odd that health and well-being never invited “beauty” to workout.

What if it were possible to keep beauty from slipping away, what if we could maintain youth and push our longevity possibilities to alter our personal perception of the aging process?

Welcome to my thalasso therapy brand, where longevity becomes a real possibility, and where beauty just might have a chance to stick around for LIFE. Thalasso therapy can offer you self-preservation rituals that can help you take control of sustainable beauty and maintainable youth in the same way organized exercise and diet modification address health and fitness. Thalasso therapy invites beauty and youth into a modern whole health model that will make you rethink everyting you have been “fed” about aging, degenerative disorders, and external corrosion and decay.

Does corrosion and decay come with age or does age come with corrosion and decay?

Longevity is the new game in town that many such as myself want to play. Over the last decade science has assembled team longevity and now anti-aging seems like a true possibility, and not just a hope and a prayer. The result of decades of skin cancer research, DNA studies and stem-cell harvesting are now offering skin miraculous unforeseen benefits. Science has reently verified that cellular longevity can be manipulated via nutritional support and skin fitness methods. Finally we understand that DNA can self repair, cell propagation can improve and cellular activity can once again return to it youthful function. Simple ancient methods can turn your bath and kitchen into a nutirional longevity pharmersea. Water fitness routines that include nutritional bathing can wash away the corrosion and decay that we so often associate with the aging process.

Thalasso therapy allows you to get back the skin you once had. What if it were possible to the skip frail and elderly years by preventing degenerative disorders that make life rought to handle? My brands, systems and educational elements will soon teach you how to take sustainable beauty into your own hands in a simple, afforadble via a maintainable system. I will show you that taking beauty to the bath can be your best longevity support system available to you right at your own fingertips. My brands will soon get you excited, involved and educated about just how simple it is to keep beauty from slipping away.

I invite you to come back often and SEA what my brands have in store. Join me in my Longevity Revolution and let’s all help beauty stick around.


Welcome to my Beauty War — tell beauty, “Kelp is on the way.”