For decades we have turned to fitness and diet to address bodily functions and physical well-being. Due to our era of fitness we have all come to understand the need to maintain muscle mass, build cardio efficiency and manage flexibility in order to attain and maintain homeostasis within our bodies. However; internal balance does not automatically lead to external beauty and youthful longevity. Maybe it is time to understand how to offer longevity possibilities to our skin.

Our “age” of fitness has left exteriors sagging and dermal barriers fragile, while corrosion and decay run rampant.

Ama Sea Beauty was developed to address human exteriors by applying all we know of fitness and nutrition, to skin. What if it was possible to maintain beauty and youth in the same way we maintain health and well-being? Ama Sea Beauty says it is possible by revealing a connection between health and beauty. I say it is time we offer skin a “life preserver” in to help you travel through life with an Ama-zing grace.

Health and beauty are intrinsically connected, as the loss of either directly affects our long-term self-worth and personal esteem.

Survival by Instinct

Ama Sea Beauty utiliz seaweeds commonly known as “extremophiles” to help skin adapt to the effects of time. When we walk on the beach we can see seaweeds change color due to the high levels of pigment proteins found in algae cells. This process protects the seaweed from ultraviolet radiation and provides algae the defense mechanisms necessary to survive the extreme conditions of their natural habitat.  Ama Sea Beauty has harnessed seaweeds survival portfolio and bestows it to minimiz dermal atrophy and collagen loss, and return skin its youthful properties.

Calorie Restriction Mimicking

In 1997 the Klotho gene was discovered ans identified as a longevity related gene. In clinical studies algae was shown to stimulate Klotho and activate a protein known as AMPK – the “master switch” for cellular energy metabolism. Further research demenstrated that a deficiency in Klotho expressed led to accelorated aging, whereas overactive klotho is capable of extending the lifespan of cells by 30%. Klotho protein mediates its longevity effects by inhibiting insulin/IGF-1 signaling triggering a mechanism known as the calorie restriction induced longevity phenomenon.

AMPK protein detects low energy and regulates cellular defens it’s protective systems ability THE major role in the anti aging system. When ageing/sensing cells are treated with algae extract they have been found to “up-regulate” Klotho expression beyond that of young cells. During Calorie restriction, exercise and algae application, both Klotho and AMPK are stimulated/activated. This activity restores cellular defense, dermal protective systems,  prevents collagen deterioration and promotes internal DNA self-repair.

Sea to Sea – A greater good

I developed Ama Sea Beauty to address the corrosion and decay we normally associate with the aging process. Nutritional longevity products directly feed skin and improve cellular function to deliver extended skin cell longevity. Ama Sea Beauty exists to reveal simple skin fitness programs capable of awaking sleeping beauty by offering her a little kelp.


Ama turns to thalasso therapy, Calorie Restriction and water curing to show you a New Way to create sustainable beauty and mitigate the effects of time. My product can show you that it is possible to support DNA repair, manage cell propagation and stimulate collagen production.

But what good does it do us to extend human longevity if we leave our planet to fight for its own life?

Ama Sea believes it is essential to merge healthy people with a healthy planet. I have taken every opportunity to create a product that is as good for the planet as it is for humans. In the coming months I will reveal products, from the Sea for the Sea.

Painstaking efforts were taken to create a positive brand that goes beyond being “less bad” to offer you products that you are proud to have in your home. Ama Sea products are not a purchase but an investment in our oceans as well as the future of the planet.

My products were created to show us that it is the little things that matter and sometimes the solution can be simple.

Welcome to my life and Earth changing brand.