Antoinette Marie Marquez

I am the co-founder of PharmerSea and Ama Sea Beauty. Ama Sea Beauty a California grown seaweed skincare line of cellular recovery products. I am a certified ThalassoTherapist and I have engaged in the field of Thalassotherapy for 8 years. My book, “The Longevity Revolution - The Art of Aging Well” is the first English manual penned on the subject of ThalassoTherapy.

I am a regenerative entrepreneur, ocean steward, lifetime educator, and self-care advocate specializing in traditional medicine and folk healing practices. My background includes competitive martial arts, Ashtanga yoga, Thai medical massage, Western Medicine, Ayurveda and now ThalassoTherapy. I have lived a Calorie Restriction mimicking and intermittent fasting lifestyle for 4 years. Thalassotherapy and Vitamin Sea is the central component to my CRM success story and my personal unique approach.

Pharmersea is our privately ran 25-acre seaweed ocean research farm and discovery facility located off the Elwood pier in Santa Barbara, CA. We strive to build BLUE networks and collaborations that actively work to deepen our understanding of how we can sustain the Earth’s most precious resource.

Ama Sea Beauty is the first consumer brand born from Pharmersea. Ama is responsibly developed to be part of the new Blue-Green economy. Sometimes our social issues can appear so large, many of us do not know where to start. Ama reveals the power of purchase and intentional spending. We promote ocean stewardship by promoting mindful consumption and waste-less lifestyles. Ama partners with consumers to address social issues through consumer goods, we believe together we can create great CHANGE.

We believe, mission driven impact brands can revitalize, restore and create a sustainable BLUE future. We are passionate about sea farming, kelp product development, BLUE technologies, ocean facilities and regenerative businesses.

PharmerSea actively participates in the creation of a thriving aquaculture industry that provides: local, fresh, sustainable products that exist to support a healthy relationship with the ocean.

We SEA a beautiful Future!