Guided Wild Kelping:

May - September

One day a month when the tide is at its lowest you can join me on my early morning harvesting stroll in Cayucos, CA. I will show you how to get up close and personal with the intertidal zones and the ocean gardens. I will learn how to responsibly collect seaweed so you never disturb its lifecycle. You will learn on the spot ocean cleaning methods and the wild foraging skills.

This class teaches you where to collect and how to gather seaweed from the ocean and the shore.

$50.00 donation requested

Seaweed Education

May - September

Once a month I host a seaweed group workshop at my home in La Conchita. You will learn how to identify, clean, sort and store your sea goodies, so you always have plenty on hand.

This is a great time for like minded individuals to gather and share sea stories, seaweed recipes and personal Thalasso experiences. The day will include seaweed tea, seaweed soup, seaweed salad and all the seaweed you can carry home.

This class teaches you what to do with the seaweed you gather.

 $200.00 donation requested


These classes are designed to set you on the path to becoming a home spun ThalassoTherapist and wild Kelping pro.